On February 15, 2024, I had the privilege of representing Rescue Mission International(ReMI) at the first in-person meeting of the MRV for Climate Action Community of Practice (CoP), held at the Global Dream Hotel in Tamale. This gathering marked a significant milestone in our collective journey toward enhancing climate action in Ghana. Here’s a reflection on the key moments and outcomes of this pivotal event.

Setting the Stage for Collaboration

The meeting began with a warm reception and registration, where participants from various sectors, including government ministries, environmental organizations, and climate experts, convened. The diverse representation underscored the collaborative spirit essential for tackling climate change effectively.

Opening Remarks and Insightful Presentations

The day kicked off with opening remarks from the Northern Regional Minister’s representative, who emphasized the urgency of climate action in the Northern region. This was followed by a series of statements from representatives of MESTI and virtual inputs from ECCC and Novasphere, highlighting both local and international perspectives on climate initiatives.

A standout session was the presentation by Mohammed Gyimah from MESTI on the Evergreen Roadmap and the transformative pilot process. His insights into practical steps for implementing climate actions were both inspiring and actionable.

Engaging Discussions and Breakout Sessions

The meeting was structured to encourage active participation and dialogue. One of the most engaging parts of the day was the break-out sessions, where we brainstormed challenges and opportunities for transformative climate actions at the subnational level. These discussions were not only intellectually stimulating but also resulted in the proposal of at least two pilot projects aimed at accelerating climate actions locally.

Key Highlights and Takeaways

  1. Networking and Rapport Building:
    The in-person format allowed for meaningful interactions, fostering new relationships and strengthening existing ones. These connections are invaluable as we work collectively towards our climate goals.
  2. Enhanced Understanding of National Priorities:
    Presentations on Ghana’s National Climate Change Policy and the updated NDCs provided a comprehensive overview of the country’s climate action framework. This deepened our understanding of national priorities and how we can align our efforts accordingly.
  3. Actionable Outcomes:
    The identification of pilot projects during the breakout sessions was a significant achievement. These projects, focused on subnational climate actions, are expected to serve as catalysts for broader climate initiatives across Ghana.

Looking Ahead

The MRV for Climate Action CoP meeting was a resounding success, setting the stage for continued collaboration and impactful climate actions. As participants, we left the meeting with a renewed sense of purpose and a clear roadmap for future initiatives.

Rescue Mission International(ReMI) is committed to leveraging the knowledge and connections gained from this meeting to drive forward our climate action agenda. We look forward to sharing updates on our progress and collaborating with fellow CoP members to achieve our shared vision of a sustainable and resilient Ghana.

Participating in the MRV for Climate Action CoP meeting was an enriching experience that reaffirmed the power of collective action in addressing climate change. As we move forward, the relationships built, the knowledge shared, and the projects initiated at this meeting will undoubtedly play a crucial role in our ongoing efforts to combat climate change.

Stay tuned for more updates on our initiatives and how you can get involved in driving climate action in Ghana.