On Wednesday, 20/07/2022, our Co-Founder, Mr. Ibrahim Tuzee Adul-Raheem spent some time with some students of the Anbariya Islamic Senior High School in Tamale, Northern Ghana. Where hetook them practically through Environmental Conservation/Protection ( Ecology and importance, Ecosystem and the benefits/services, The Environment, Conservation of the Environment and the importance, local Environmental Challenges, Waste Management, importance, and effects, Single-use Plastics and its Damages, Environmental Campaign and Advocacy, it’s importance, and types) and Climate Change (The Sciences, Causes, Effects, Mitigation, and Adaptation). As these students prepare to embark on their Community Impact Challenge Project, we have no doubt that, they will achieve marvelous results with the guidance given them. We only can change the narrative of Environmental Conservation if we get the youngsters to ACT and that TIME to act is NOW!